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Watching sports most times takes you away from family and friends. Twin Cricket game is designed to engage even people w

Watching sports most times takes you away from family and friends. Twin Cricket game is designed to engage even people who do not watch cricket to watch it along with family and learn. This innovative app bonds people together. Explore the fun!
Game is simple: Place gifts on the score board and collect them according to the live match score that moves a coin.
Once you press ‘Start TwinCricket’ and in the main game screen, click on all 5 initial gifts (the red numbered squares) one by one and place them on the score board wherever you want (say for example: 4 to put it on run 4, 25 to put it on run 25 etc.). Once the live match starts, enter the live score using the ‘Score Button’ and the coin moves on the score board accordingly. Once the coin falls on the gift that you placed you get to collect the gift. THAT’S IT! If the coin crosses the gift you lose the gift.
You are given initially 5 ‘moves’ which means you can reposition any gift 5 times to another run as the match progresses where it is more likely to be collected. For example: when it is a free hit, it is likely the batsman tries to hit a 4 or 6 so placing the gift accordingly will increase likelihood of gift collection strategically.
You can also redeem lost gifts when you have points in your kitty. How do you get points? As you watch the live match you keep checking if any of the significant cricket event (like 3 boundaries in a row, or a duck out or a maiden over, first ball 4 etc.) has happened, Then by clicking on ‘dash’ –> ‘All Events List’ and select the event. Place the points wherever you think will have better chances for the coin to fall on it.
You place the ‘points’ on the run board much like gifts and get to collect them once the coin falls on them. If the coin crosses them you lose the points. Depending upon the event there could be positive or negative points. If the coin falls on the negative points you lose points from your kitty.
Once you have enough points you can redeem gifts and do other things like change estimated score etc. by going to ‘Redeem’ icon. You have other features like ‘Dictionary’ for cricket terminology, ‘Notes’ to capture some nice moments as you watch which could be reviewed later (it captures the comment, runs at which the comment was captured and the time). Collected gifts, lost gifts, remaining moves, estimated score are shown on the screen.
If your estimated score is near to the actual score you get finally some points.
There are 10 screens at the bottom. Each screen has 40 runs. So you can navigate through runs by clicking on the screens. For example: 10th screen has runs from 360-400.

Download APK(1.9MB)

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